Christ Healing Power

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Course Description

Christ Healing Power is a course that was designed to help multitudes of people who are dying of incurable diseases, trying out your faith in Jesus Christ can make a difference. What medical doctors cannot do Jesus can, he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Jesus Christ is alive, he is seated at the right hand of God pleading and interceding for the saints. Most of those who reach out to him gets their healing by faith, you too may get your healing by faith.

From the biblical perspective every disease is curable if only anyone can believe and receive his healing by faith. The principles taught in this course can heal any type of sickness and disease, if you can only believe. This is a spiritual healing course that is based on the faith of the individual, getting healed depends on two things, namely your faith and your ability to see your healing even before it is physically manifested. No guarantee is given here.

Although I cannot guarantee your healing but I know that many people who follow these bible principles are healed of various sicknesses and diseases. God have supernaturally and miraculously intervened in my health issues and healed me of serious irreversible disease called glaucoma. In this course, I want to share with you the bible faith that set me free from the incurable, irreversible diseases called glaucoma.

The truth does not change from age to age, but facts change. Your diseases is a fact, the word of God is the truth, remember Jesus Christ said, "heaven and earth will pass away, but not a jot of my word will..." When you follow the principles of faith, you will always win in every battle. This course not only show you the principles of faith for healing but also to win in every situation in life. Enrol now and enjoy.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Everyone who takes this course will know how to receive his or her healing in the name of Jesus Christ. This cannot be guaranteed since it all depends on your own personal faith.
  2. Develop living Faith
  3. Understand the move of the Holy Spirit in the healing ministry
  4. Understand the atonement and the redemptive work of Christ
  5. Understand and confess healing scriptures to heal yourself and others
  6. Know that God is not only willing and eager to heal but that he has healed us already
  7. Step out in simple faith to take the blessings already given to us
  8. Know whom you are in Christ