Chrysalis: Spirituality & Science United for Enlightenment

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Course Description

The Chrysalis Teachings consist of three sections as follows:

In Windows on the Past you'll learn about:

  • the birth and development (creation & evolution) of the universe, galaxy, solar system, planet and humans
  • the “big bang," followed by a look at the Creator's mind
  • chakras and their influence on your health
  • the structure of your brain – dividing it into four parts instead of just two
  • the soul and its path through eternityincluding reincarnation
  • death and how we spend our time between lives on earth
  • misinterpretations in the Bible

In Journeys in the Present you'll earn about:

  • universal laws
  • seven gifts, virtues and concepts
  • attitudes, goals and karma
  • knowing yourself better
  • new thoughts on your health and healing
  • the progressive stages of the spiritual path
  • channeling and suggestions as to how to do it

In Pathways to the Future you'll learn about:

  • restructuring needed for all of society
  • starting a Chrysalis Center or a New Mystery School
  • the Science of Music and the new inventions to come from this science
  • Chrysalis Experimental Schools
  • SunScience and expanding the atom, not splitting the atom
  • Divine Science
  • A look at our future

This course will help you see a complete picture of where we (humans) came from, where we are now and where we are headed. The main focus of the teachings is to help everyone get a bigger picture of the purpose of life and offer hope and inspiration for our future.

Classes will be a mixture of Videos and Text Lectures with supplemental PDFs. At the end of this course you will receive a “Certificate of Completion," which will enable you to be a teacher of the Chrysalis Teachings. If you are interested in doing so, arrangements can be made for this to take your home area.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Expand your mind and see a much larger picture of your beginning!. Step beyond the teachings of the centuries! These are the teachings that you have been waiting for. They are roadmaps for growth - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - encompassing all spiritual disciplines (religions and new age).
  2. Understand your dual nature by realizing that there really is two parts to you and both parts are on the path of growing and evolving right alongside of each other. What happens when one part is given more thought and energy than the other? Is this what is going wrong in our world today? Think about it!!
  3. You will get an inside look at Big Bang with a look at the birth and development of our universe, galaxy, solar system, planet and humans. You will see the total perfection of the Creator’s Mind. You will also learn of the experiments by spacemen to produce a better form for the Creator’s spirit to enter. You will understand that the Garden of Eden was a Nutritional Experiment to enhance the mental capabilities of the evolving human. Discrepancies in the Bible are brought to light and an attempt is made to set the record straight about them.
  4. You will be able to supplement what you learn in church. The present movement of people who believe in reincarnation and of the God Within (our inner being) is growing at a very fast pace. It is outdistancing any growth taking place in the churches. The churches are actually losing members to the new spiritual movement. It is definitely time that updated material be put forth in a logical way so the ordinary person can relate to it. At the same time those with more education can also find deeper meaning to their lives from it.
  5. After finishing this course you will receive a "Certificate of Completion" enabling you to teach the Chrysalis Teachings in your home area. If you desire to do so, arrangements will be made.
  6. QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS ???????????? If you have questions at the end of each section, please feel free to ASK THEM! They need to be of a general nature – no personal questions will be answered. Please send your questions to me by email [email protected] and the answers will be posted in the discussions section where others may benefit from them also.