Church Leadership 101 -Bob Whitesel PhD -

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Course Description

In his energetic and insightful style, award-winning church leadership expert and author, Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., shows that good leadership begins by knowing the style of leadership you most enjoy. Dr. Whitesel introduces the student to the three “natural’ or 3 STRand leadership styles: strategic, tactical & relational leadership. The student will discover their preferred style (and sub-styles) through an included questionnaire. Finally, the student will learn how to better lead others by surrounding themselves with leaders who have complementary styles.

Expected Outcomes

  1. The essentials of church leadership for staff, pastors & volunteers.
  2. Good leadership begins by discovering your God-given leadership style.
  3. How to surround yourself with those who complement your style.
  4. Which leadership opportunities you will enjoy (and which you won’t).
  5. Contemporary and Biblical stories that illustrate each leadership style.
  6. Once you’ve discovered your mixture of three “natural” styles of leadership (strategic, tactical & relational - 3-STRand Leadership) you will lead with more joy, less conflict and more unity.