Clinical Hypnosis - For Therapy & Spiritual Healing

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Course Description

This course is a practical guide on how to use hypnosis as a basis for healing or therapy sessions, especially spiritual regression.

You will learn how to access the subconscious mind of your client. From there you can apply therapeutic techniques, like hypnotherapy or many forms holistic spiritual coaching or healing that you already practice.

We’ll use some regression, from accessing subconscious memories of useful moments from this life, to the superconscious mind with an initial past life regression to faces and scenes.

This course features;

a) a systematic process, that artfully interweaves and compounds hypnotic techniques, from the initial preparation to the application of hypnotic state as a regression

b) three variations of the process, so you can take your clients through three unique sessions of hypnosis as part of your therapeutic program. This also gives you choice, to find styles of hypnosis that suit you and your clients.

The Manual; is a guide that takes you through systematic clinical hypnotic process.

The Videos; contain many demonstrates of all the hypnotic processes. They are a commentary on the manual, covering what to do and why you are doing it, what not to do, and how to handle many different types of reactions from clients.

The Script-books; are extracts from the manual cleaned of any explanation so you can use them word for word in sessions.

The Assignments; are an extensive series of exercises you practice with a willing subject, that can be a friend, colleague or client.

This is a beginner course, with no prerequisites. It is most suited to people who are or would like to become a healer.

Course Structure

Part 1

1) Pre-Talks - 3 variations

2) Suggestibility Tests - 3 unique tests

3) Hypnotic Rapid Inductions - 3 forms and 7 variations of induction

4) Signs of Hypnosis - observing hypnosis

5) Ideomotor response - testing hypnosis

6) Convincers - 2 major variations, demonstrating hypnosis

Part 2

7) Deepeners - a 7 phase process.

8) Spirit Guide & Set Intention

9) Regression to Resources, this life, subconscious - 3 variations

10) Initial Spiritual Regression, past life, superconscious - 2 variations

Regression to this life is to access positive resources. You can then use these as you use your existing healing modality, while your client is in a hypnotic state.

You’ll also learn how handle any abreactions or ‘negative’ experiences that may come, and be helpful, in clients coming to you for therapy.

Regression to a past life is an initial glimpse, so you and your client realise they have the ability to access their superconscious mind, including their spirit guide and past lives. To go further, you can study a Past Life Regression course.

Overall Outcomes

Hypnosis opens the door to the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind, so it often opens the door to learn hypnotherapy and past life regression.

The ultimate outcome is to awaken you to new level of sessions you can offer, and a new level of breakthroughs your clients can achieve.

This course comes with the Udemy Certificate of Completion. There are no additional certificates from my Past Life Awakening Institute for courses taken on Udemy.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Take clients through hypnosis as part of a healing or therapy session.
  2. Set expectations, give interactive pre-talks and deal with FAQs.
  3. Give 3 Suggestibility Tests to explain and demonstrate hypnosis.
  4. Perform 7 Hypnotic Rapid Inductions to induce hypnosis.
  5. Perform a 7 phase deepening process to deepen hypnosis.
  6. Initial utilisation and management of hypnotic states with regression.
  7. Initial Age Regression & Abreaction Management
  8. Initial Past Life Regression 1 hour session for Spiritual Awakening & Healers