Coaching Sports

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Course Description

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The content of this course is based upon over 30 seasons of coaching at the college, minor league, high school, middle school, and youth levels of experience. This also includes experience and content of Masters and Bachelors level teaching in the Coaching Education area.

“Coach O is intensely passionate about the success of his student-athletes not only on the field or in the classroom, but in life….."

Being a successful coach is a huge challenge. Like success in anything else, you need all of the knowledge you can get. This course will help you to achieve this knowledge by teaching you about many different fundamentals that are important to being a coach. There is not any sport specific techniques discussed, but an overall philosophy to all sports at any level. This course will give you a firm foundation in the practical application of sport science and management. Additionally, we will discuss and enhance the idea of your coaching philosophy and coaching with a purpose.

Items covered:

Coaching Philosophy and Style (What it is and developing your own)

InSide Out Coaching by Joe Ehrmann

Sport Pedagogy (Practice Planning, Season Planning, Communication in Coaching, Motivating Your Athletes, Understanding How Athletes Learn, and Teaching Sport Skills)

Human Performance and Injury Prevention (Assessment, Functional Movement Training, Warm-up and Stretching, Developing a Strength Training Program, Plyometric Training, Speed Training, and Nutrition for Athletes)

Management (Team Management, Self-Management, and Risk Management)


Expected Outcomes

  1. The biggest goal for this class is to teach you the necessary fundamentals to become a great coach for your athletes.
  2. In this course, you will learn:
  3. what a coaching philosophy is and how to develop the most effective philosophy to develop your athletes
  4. what a coaching style is and how to develop the most effective style to develop your athletes
  5. be able to apply the coaching with a purpose strategies as outlined by the Joe Ehrmann Inside Out Coaching program
  6. how to develop an effective season plan
  7. how to plan out an entire season
  8. how to write and maintain an effective practice plan
  9. how athletes learn and what are the best practices for teaching athletes
  10. how to motivate all athletes to get the best out of them
  11. how to effectively communicate to your athletes, parents, and all other members of your team community
  12. how to assess your facilities and practice equipment
  13. how to assess your athletes within your strength program using a pre-test and post-test model
  14. how to develop the best strength program for your level
  15. to understand apply the importance of plyometric training
  16. how to develop and increase the speed of your athletes
  17. be able to advise your athletes on proper nutrition and hydration as needed as an athlete
  18. how to manage your team effectively
  19. how to avoid risk management issues
  20. how to properly manage yourself as a coach