Collage for beginners -An abstract flower

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Course Description

Collage is a fun and easy. This course is for the new-to-collage and will teach you all about how to start a collage painting. Once you learn the basic steps, painting will be a joy. You can complete this course in an hour if you follow the step-by-step process. There are hints and pointers in every lesson. By the end of the series, you should be able to create collages all by yourself. These are the successful lessons that have been used for beginner students before. I have chosen my students' favorite lessons show you. Come and enjoy these lessons too.

This lesson is a semi-abstract flower that is a joy to create. You have the freedom to choose your own papers and follow along with me.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Choose their own papers to create their own interpretation of my project
  2. Learn how to choose painting surfaces for their project
  3. Learn to take care of their brushes
  4. Learn to tear paper
  5. Learn to seal your painting
  6. Learn to add different materials to a painting
  7. Learn to alter your composition if you need to