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Introduction to salesforce Platform Integration

Why Integration? What are the reasons to go for Salesforce Integrations?

Real-time scenarios on Business Level Integration

Different types of API’s used in Salesforce Integration


Defining Web Service Classes

Introduction to salesforce SOAP AP

SOAP API Architecture

Different types of WSDL files used in Salesforce Integration

Using Salesforce Provided Web services (Enterprise, Partner, Apex and Bulk API)

XML Introduction

Integration one Salesforce instance to another using Partner WSDL

Consuming external WSDL files in salesforce

Remote site Settings

XML Parsing for the SOAP XML responses

Real-time Discussion and Frequently asked questions in SOAP API


Introduction to Force dot com REST API

REST Integration Architecture

Oauth Architecture and setup

Remote site Settings

Defining connected app for integration

Generating consumer key & consumer secret used in REST API callouts

Creating REST Methods in Salesforce

Apex REST Annotations

HTTP Request and Response Classes

JSON Parsing for the REST JSON responses

Http Callouts in apex and its limitation Request and Response Data Considerations in Integrations

Integration design and considerations

Governor limits and API limits associated with Integration

Live integration examples

Integrate Salesforce org without Code

Write test class for Integration

Expected Outcomes

  1. This course is designed to learn salesforce integration using different API like SOAP and REST. Also this course discuss about single sign on , named credentials, OAUTH and different mechanism for authentication. Also it covers integration with heroku app and with .net application. We will integrate from VF page and lightning component with external service.