Complete Guide to Designing & Getting Your Dream Job in 2018

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Course Description

When it comes to work, you want to feel empowered, autonomous, recognized, and masterful. You aren't sure what that looks like but know you don't have it. In this course, we're going to help you discover what you actually want in work. Then, we'll take those findings and give you a comprehensive toolkit to getting your dream job.

Gain the Focus and Tools You Need to Build a Career with Purpose
We're going to show you the way to your dream job.

  • Define Your Dream Job: Understand what you really want to get out of work, your core values, and what matters most to you.
  • Design Your Dream Job: Uncover your ideal roles and responsibilities and package them into your own personal job description.
  • Create Your Positioning Statement: Learn how to talk about yourself and develop your own personal brand to get the job you want.
  • Network Like a Champion: Unlock confidence and charisma you never thought you had with proven networking techniques.
  • Build Your Online Presence: Use your online presence to bring opportunities to you.
  • Create a Killer Resume: One that perfectly captures your today and stands out among a sea of others.
  • Land and Nail Job Interviews: Learn to get your foot in the door and then blow your interviewers away by bringing your full self to the table.
  • Negotiate Your Offers: Tried-and-true techniques that will help you come out strong.
  • Create Your Immediate Action Plan: To make all of this happen now.
  • Define Success on Your Own Terms

This course started in live sessions as a way of helping students like you find careers that make sense individually. This is about creating a customized professional program that gets you what you want – not what you think you "should" want or the people in your life tell you to do.

This is a wholistic process of discovery that will bring you clarity you've never had before. We're going to learn about what success looks like for you. Then, we're going to help you achieve it.

Course Overview
In this course, you get 15 sections made up of 57 videos that will take you through every step of finding your true dream job and actually getting it. Through guided exercises, exclusive worksheets, storytelling, and summary sections, you will get a real, clear definition of what success looks like for you.

Every section comes with tools, resources, and advice that will give you the focus and edge you need when looking for opportunities. The lectures are full of custom introspection exercises that will help you get at your own heart, along with printable PDF worksheets on specific topics to capture all of your brilliant insights.

The course starts with step one: finding what drives, inspires, and motivates you in work. Once you land on those guiding lights, you'll hone your understanding so that you can actually build your own job description, one that you can use and send on your career search journey.

Once you understand what you want, you will learn how to talk about yourself in a way that both represents you authentically and showcases you as a superstar hire. By creating your own positioning statement and personal brand, picking up networking skills that work, and building your resume and online platforms to bring opportunity to you, you'll create a path to success for yourself.

In the home stretch of this course, you'll learn how to take all that opportunity and make it work for you. We'll give you tried-and-true interviewing techniques that help you interview companies and land you offers. We'll also give you the basics on how to negotiate offers to come off classy and level-headed, but still get what you want.

Finally, we'll sum up everything you've learned and give you an easy, repeatable action plan to make everything in this course real for you out in the world.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Define What They Want in Work
  2. Design Their Ideal Job
  3. Build the Networks and Contacts to Find Those Ideal Jobs
  4. Position Themselves to Land Every Interview
  5. Nail Job Interviews Every Time
  6. Negotiate Offers That Give Them All They Need and More!