Complete Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Certified Course

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Course Description

Full of practical examples and advice this course is designed to be easily accessible, in-depth and comprehensive for people at all levels.

Ideal for anyone with an interest in hypnosis, hypnotherapy, psychology and finding out more about the potential of the human mind for lasting and positive change.

- If you are new to the subject the lectures, articles and video examples will take you from novice to a comprehensive understanding of the subject where you can start working with people straight away.

- If you are a therapist but new to hypnosis the course will give you a new set of tools to add to your therapy skillset. Applicable to your CPD

- If you are already using hypnosis but want to delve deeper into the subject and learn some really useful supporting tools and techniques to enhance your practice then this course is for you. Applicable to your CPD.

The course includes a certificate from Insights hypnotherapy and NLP training.

Material and subject areas

With over 13 hours of material that is presented in a step by step logical way and presented clearly and succinctly you will...

  • Learn how to work with people using the tools of hypnosis and trance.

  • Understand the unconscious mind, its function and how it supports us.

  • Delve into how we process information, and with this knowledge maximise our therapeutic approach.

  • Understand how and why trance and hypnosis are so effective.

  • Learn the language patterns of influence and suggestion for application to beneficial change.

  • Understand the importance of rapport.

  • Learn how to see what is happening with clients, and feedback.

  • Get in-depth advice about working with clients and tailoring your approach to their individual needs.

To aid with your learning this course includes...

  • A 93-page course manual.

  • Over 6 hours of material in 60 video lectures.

  • An additional 19 demonstration videos.

  • Supporting downloads in PDF of all video lectures.

  • 10 additional articles and handouts

  • 13 quick quizzes to re-enforce your learning and knowledge.

We will cover..

  • Why learn hypnosis and hypnotherapy

  • The benefits of a hypnotic approach

  • What is hypnosis?

  • How hypnosis works

  • Trance depth

  • Trance and focus of attention

  • Trance behaviour and phenomena

  • The prehistory of hypnosis

  • Beginnings of modern hypnosis

  • Hypnosis into the modern age

  • The life and works of Milton Erickson

  • Introduction to the unconscious mind

  • The power of the unconscious mind

  • Prime directives of the UM

  • NLP communications model

  • Observation

  • Utilisation

  • Using client feedback

  • Observation, utilization and goal setting

  • Understanding and dealing with abreactions

  • The therapy environment.

  • The conscious use of language

  • The Meta model

  • The Milton model

  • The agreement set

  • Presuppositions

  • Vague language

  • Binds and double binds

  • Linking suggestions

  • Mispronouncing words

  • Language patterns in action

  • Supporting skills

  • Metaphors and storytelling

  • Sensory Acuity

  • Rapport

  • The external signs of trance

  • The overall session structure (RIGAAR)

  • The structure of a hypnotic session

  • Inductions

  • Conversational inductions

  • Pattern interrupts

  • Confusion inductions

  • Metaphors and embedded meaning

  • Directive inductions

  • Hypnotic deepeners

  • Post-hypnotic suggestions

  • Creating a Post hypnotic suggestion

Chris Wood has been teaching hypnotherapy and NLP and working with clients for over 15 years in the UK, Singapore and Indonesia.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to work efffectively with people using hypnosis and Ericksonian hypnotic techniques.
  2. How to create positive change for clients.
  3. How to use hypnosis for positive personal change.
  4. Why use hypnosis
  5. What is hypnosis?
  6. How and why hypnosis works
  7. Trance depth
  8. The history of trance, hynosis and hypnotherapy
  9. The amazing power of the unconscious mind
  10. How our minds work and how we use this knowledge in our practice
  11. How to work with clients
  12. Observation and utilisation
  13. Dealing with resistant clients
  14. Working with abreaction
  15. How to structure client time - The RIGAAR model
  16. How to structure a hypnotherapy session
  17. Hypnotic inductions - what they are and how to create them
  18. Hypnotic deepeners - what they are and how to create them
  19. Post hypnotic suggestions - what they are and how to create them
  20. The meta model - what is really going on?
  21. The language of trance - the Milton model
  22. Ericksonian language patterns
  23. Supporting skills - rapport
  24. Supporting skills - sensory acuity. Learn how to really observe your clients
  25. Supporting skills - metaphor and story telling
  26. The therapy environment