Complete Introduction to Astrology

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Course Description

In this course, you will learn all of the essential information needed to be able to understand an astrological birth chart, to give you a much deeper understanding of your own personal nature, your challenges and your gifts, as well as those of your loved ones.

Topics covered in the course:

* The philosophy behind astrology: what astrology is and how it can describe so accurately a person's life
* How to identify the planets, signs, houses and aspects in a chart
* The 4 elements - Fire, Earth, Air and Water
* The 3 modes - Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable
* The Sun, Moon and all of the planets - what their natures are and what they show about you
* The 12 signs of the zodiac
* The 12 houses of the chart
* The 5 major aspects - Conjunction, Sextile, Trine, Square and Opposition
* The Nodes of the Moon and their influence on your life direction
* The 12 letter alphabet - a handy way to simplify the wealth of information in a chart

Expected Outcomes

  1. The art of astrology is a journey of self discovery. You will learn to look at your life's biggest challenges and find new ways through them.
  2. Learn to understand your needs in relationships and why you are struggling with them.
  3. Curious about your career? Learn about what kind of work is best suited to your true nature.
  4. Why are you here? Astrology can help you unlock the purpose of your life and the path to your greatest joy.