Complete Your Thesis in 6 Months

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Course Description

Are you stuck in your PhD program? Are you afraid that if you don't produce results soon then your university will kick you out of the program?

Have no fear. With this brand new course, based on cutting-edge research on the most effective methods of dissertation writing, you will be called "Dr." faster than you thought possible.

This is a course that will teach you the A-to-Z of finishing your dissertation. Everything from putting together a dissertation proposal, choosing a defense committee, writing your first draft, finishing your dissertation, defending your dissertation, and even life after your PhD.

Students who have taken this course have seen incredible results. The methods used in this course will help you finish your PhD program on average three years faster than you would otherwise (based on results among previous participants)

Would you like to get three years of your life back before you lose them?

We've outlined everything in these 6 modules:

#1 How to choose the perfect dissertation topic

This session will help you choose the perfect topic: ambitious enough to impress your advisor, but not so ambitious that it is impossible to finish. You'll also learn how to choose the right advisor, and how to accelerate your research with dynamic note taking.

#2 Writing the first draft

I've taught writing methods to thousands of students, helping them go from crippling writer's block to producing hundreds of words a day. Learn how to make it impossible not to write every day, and write more in 1 hour than you used to do in 8.

#3 How to keep writing during your dissertation slog

How do you deal with your defense committee when they send you contradictory revision requests? How do you avoid procrastination and even depression during the mid-point of your thesis? Learn how to overcome the challenges that sink most doctoral projects.

#4 The exact steps to producing a perfect dissertation draft

Learn the editing techniques to produce a perfect dissertation draft for your defense committee.

#5 How to do a perfect dissertation defense

Sail through your defense with ease by using these strategies to impress your committee, communicate the importance of your research, and maybe even enjoy the process.

#6 Preparing for life after the dissertation: How to launch your academic career

Learn how to position yourself for success in the cut-throat world of the academic job market

The course also includes

  • Access to over 40 video lessons (nearly 10 hours of content)
  • Samples of dissertation proposals, outlines, and chapter drafts
  • Access to private Facebook group, where you can work out problems with other PhD students
  • Full service support
  • Lifetime access to the learning materials
  • BONUS Training: How to form a writers' group
  • BONUS Training: How to apply for a tenure-track job after graduation

Who this course is for:

  • MA students
  • PhD students

Course content

7 sections • 43 lectures • 5h 50m total length