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In this series you will learn about how to manage PHP projects dependencies using composer.

In modern PHP development composer has become an indispensable tool
that has aided the rapid development of PHP Language.

Composer is a dependency manager for PHP (a tool used for installing, updating and managing libraries that your project depends on).

It is used in almost all modern PHP frameworks such as Symfony, CakePHP and Laravel and composer is one of the most highly recommended tools that solves fundamental issues in many web projects.

Hack PHP Dependency Management, Master Composer a Modern PHP Development Tool and Learn to Create your own PHP Packages

Some problems that Composer solves includes:

  • Resolving dependencies for PHP packages

  • autoloading solution for PHP packages

  • keeping all packages updated

Most PHP packages are built on top of other well known PHP packages, a common example are symfony components which forms the bedrock for many PHP frameworks such as Laravel. By using Composer developers can reuse stable PHP libraries and Composer will automatically handle dependency resolution. When you install a package, it will automatically install all the required dependencies for you.

Some of the benefits of using Composer includes:

  • Quickly integrate libraries from vendors such as AWS, Stripe, Pusher, Algolia, and many others.

  • Ability to use ready made packages that solve common problems. You need a validation package? search for validation on packagist and get started right away. You need to handle date? Search for Carbon on packagist and get started right away.

  • Autoload all your files and classes using Composer’s autoload

  • keeping all packages updated

Composer is an amazing tool that greatly speed up the development of PHP projects. Ready to take your PHP SKILLS to the next level?


Expected Outcomes

  1. Install and use PHP packages with composer
  2. Update project dependencies
  3. Learn to use composer Autoloading Feature
  4. How to create a package and submit it to packagist so that other developers can use your package
  5. Send mail from PHP App using Swift Mailer
  6. Apply Confidently for PHP developer jobs knowing you can jump into a dev team and start contributing to projects immediately.
  7. Become an efficient (Save time and effort) PHP developer
  8. Contribute to open source community
  9. Access to my Introduction to Programming in PHP Course on Devscreencast dot com