Confidence For Women

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Course Description

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." Henry David Thoreau

Confidence For Women: Inner Radiance For Living Your Purpose

"Great exercises in a concise course. Nice delivery and visually appealing." Alexis

"Beautiful pictures accompanying the whole course strengthen the theme. Very kind approach of Dina with clear understanding the "student´s " challenges." Tatiana

Naturally and effectively improve your personal and professional confidence and self-esteem with the simple, yet powerful, exercises in this course.

These techniques teach you to use your imagination to change your mindset and creatively apply the methods of a confident, self-loving, and successful woman - so the results are effective and noticeable.

This journey to confidence is in 3 sections:

Your Vision of Confidence - Clarifying and visualizing what being a confident woman ideally means to you and embodying the qualities of a woman you most admire. Including practical, coaching exercises and a guided meditation.

Creating Confident and Loving Self-Talk - Improving self-esteem and self-worth by transmuting negative self-talk and replacing it with empowering beliefs about yourself your unique purpose in life to create confidence that begins on the inside. Learn to really believe and know your value in this section.

Living Confidently - Taking simple and powerful steps in your daily life that will improve your mindset and quality of life - and allow you to stop playing small and live with confidence. Begin living the life you dream about now.

Whether you want to go after your dreams, nail a job interview, start a business, or date with purpose and joy to attract the relationship you desire - by the end of this course you will have an action plan for pursuing your life's purpose and the confidence to do it!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Visualize and have a clear idea of what living confidently means for you.
  2. Turn negative self talk around into empowering beliefs and self love.
  3. Be able to take action and start creating a simple plan for living the confident life you want.