Connect XL & Outlook -Access VBA & Collection Loops Series 7

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Course Description

  • Using ms access vba how we can work with ms excel

  • Using ms access vba how to connect outlook application.

  • How to send emails using access vba

  • How to send any ms access table data via outlook mail using vba

  • Early binding and late binding approaches - which is better and why?

  • What is Create Object and Get Object methods in late Binding.

  • How to import outlook email information from any folder to any ms access table

  • Why to declare object and why a class object.

  • How we can create a new excel object using access vba

  • How we can open an existing excel from ms access vba editor

  • Use of file-dialogs like open dialog and save-as dialog

  • What are the collection loops

  • Collection loops use in tables

  • Collection loops in queries

  • Collection loops use in forms

  • Collection loops use in reports

  • Collections loops for macros and modules

  • Few interesting projects for you

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Expected Outcomes

  1. We will be able to make projects which can be integrated with ms excel application using access VBA. Also, you will be able to use collection loops concept in ms access projects as well.
  2. Will be able to automate Outlook tasks using ms access VBA.