Connecting the dots.......Final part on Quantum Healing Pt 3

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Course Description

Here is a great opportunity to learn from Arram's 22 years experiences . In this course with over 26 sessions of live mentoring he shares his ideas and shifts clients from their troubled situations into a positive state. You are able to identify your own situations as you watch these videos. Notice how they are so taken in by your negative chatterbox. Arram explains that you are the your creator, he teaches you how to ask questions and challenge your negative side. Relief is quick once you learn to identify your patterns.

These modules should be like a medical journal kept in the house. Refer to it every time you have challenges. Once you make it a habit of watching the videos on a daily basis your life changes for the better within a very short time. Repetition in watching the videos is the key to achieving the state of blissfulness. . You are able to help yourself and others when they ask for your assistance.

For therapist this is an additional tool for you to add to your many techniques you already have.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Deeper understanding that we are Energy Beings having a Human experience
  2. Watch Arram demonstrates in his videos all the contents he has been teaching
  3. This course shows the many patterns that you can identify in others.
  4. A great reference tool to keep reminding yourself of the principals of what Arram teaches
  5. Do not take this course if you have not done my other courses