Conquer Anxiety with Simple Practices

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Course Description

This course is about turning anxiety and high levels of stress into sources of strength, creativity, and power, rather than issues or obstacles. This course covers breathing techniques and guided imagery meditations for deep relaxation and improved focus skills. Using video, this short course is structured in a simple, straightforward, friendly manner. Take this course if you struggle with high levels of stress, anxiety, post traumatic stress, grief, anger, or low self esteem and if you want to build up resiliency to stress and anxiety. These practices are simple and modified for all levels, which means no previous breath work, or guided relaxation experience is necessary.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Choose healthy, self regulating, practices to manage stress and anxiety.
  2. Choose soothing breath practices to build resiliency to stress and anxiety.
  3. Choose guided imagery meditations to gain stronger focus and ability to move through anxiety provoking situations.
  4. Improve mood, increase energy levels. Plus, boost self esteem, confidence and contentment.