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Have you ever sat down to write, and nothing came out?

Have you ever missed a writing deadline—for a book, article, school paper, or even an email—because you were stuck and just couldn’t write?

Have you ever started a writing project, inspired and motivated at the start, but then stalled out halfway through?

Have you ever felt just plain blocked in your writing?

It’s frustrating, right? To have something you want to write or even have to write and you just can’t do it.

WRITER’S BLOCK is one of the biggest and most detrimental problems that all writers face at some point in their projects or careers. And in this course, you’re going to learn how to free yourself from writer’s block FOREVER.

Instructor Jessica Brody (over 2,500 5-star reviews on Udemy) is the international bestselling author of more than 17 books and novels (including the #1 bestselling writing guide, Save the Cat! Writes a Novel). Her books are published by several major publishers like Simon and Schuster, Random House, Macmillan and Disney Press. Over the past twelve years as a full-time, professional author, Jessica has developed a series of tools and mindset shifts that have successfully rid her of writer’s block completely.

She now writes over 300,000 words per year (the equivalent of 3-4 full-length novels or books) using the very same tools and strategies outlined in this course.

“LIFE CHANGING if you want to be a prolific writer…” – Tessa M.

“Top Course. WORTH IT.” Andre P.

“One of the most MOTIVATING teachers that I’ve seen so far” – Kristina M.

This course is designed for any and every type of writer. Jessica will not only teach you how to deal with writer’s block, she will show you how to eliminate it for good and turn you from a Blocked Writer into a Prolific Writer who writes with confidence, motivation, and momentum.

After applying the lessons learned in this course, never again, will you have to say the dreaded words, “I have writer’s block.”


  • First, in the Unblock Your Mind section, you will learn what writer’s block really is and the mindset shifts you can make to rid yourself of it completely.

  • Then, in the Unblock Your Writing section, you will open the “Prolific Writer’s Toolbox” and equip yourself with a myriad of proven tools, tricks, and “hacks” to help you write more freely, write more confidently, and write every single day (regardless of how inspired you feel). These are the tools that you can use to bust through any blockages, obstacles, or problems, and move swiftly toward the finish line of your writing project.

“Gotten me BACK ON TRACK to writing daily without fear” – Jim G.

“SOLVED A PROBLEM I’ve been plagued with for weeks! Thank you!” – Jamie B.

“A very GENEROUS and BRILLIANT mentor/instructor.” – Monika K.

If you’re struggling to finish a writing project—whether that be a novel, non-fiction book, article, blog post, screenplay, essay, short story, school paper, song, or even an email, or you just want to arm yourself with the right tools for success for all your future writing projects, then this course will set you on the right track and get you to “The End.”

Enroll now and start your journey toward FREEDOM from Writer’s Block!

“A great writing coach.” – Jake K.

“Exactly what I was looking for.” – Pragya G.

“WONDERFUL” – Katherine O.

“ENGAGING” – Mohamed A.

“Clear and highly implementable.” – Appiah S.


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Expected Outcomes

  1. Unblock your mind and write more freely
  2. Finish any project that you start
  3. Gain a better understanding of what Writer’s Block really is and how to overcome it
  4. Unlock yourself and your writing from fear, doubt, and perfectionism
  5. Equip yourself with proven tools and strategies for overcoming writing blockages
  6. Discover mindset shifts that will set you up for success in any writing project you tackle
  7. Feel more confident, motivated, and inspired in your writing
  8. Free yourself from Writer’s Block FOREVER