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Do you conduct any type of procurement or purchasing for your business in Construction? This course is designed with you in mind! 

Following this course you will have the confidence to conduct the procurement process from start to finish, and make good, ethical recommendations to your business.  You will gain the knowledge of the processes used by some of the world’s largest Contractors to enable you to get the best quality tender returns from your supply chain and how to analyse these to ensure best value and profitability for your business.

Learn from an experienced UK trained Quantity Surveyor with experience in the UK and Australia on over A$6bn / £3.3bn worth of projects.

We will look at:

  • What is Procurement and who is involved?

  • What documents and processes do you need before you can conduct good quality procurement?

  • How to conduct the Tender Process

  • How to Analyse tender returns and make your Recommendation

  • How to conduct Ethical Procurement

  • Supplier Management

This course looks at procurement from the Contractor involvement side for any Design and Build, Construct only, PPP and Management Contracting procurement routes, where the Contractor is responsible for procuring goods, services and Subcontractors.  Although there are many common concepts shared with Client side Quantity Surveyors, this course is not tailored in this area.

Expected Outcomes

  1. What is procurement and who is involved in the process
  2. What processes should be in place before starting
  3. How to research the market for appropriate tenderers
  4. How to package up and issue a tender to the market
  5. How to accurately analyse tender returns and make a recommendation
  6. Ethical procurement
  7. Differences between Procurement and Purchasing