Coparenting - The Theory And The Practice

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Course Description

Whilst you are in the midst of divorcing or separating there are many things you need to urgently investigate, understand and implement so you can move on and enjoy the best life possible. Time is limited as you work through divorce or separation and you need to ensure you make the right choices, take the right actions and ensure that life after the parting of your relationship will be as happy, secure, stable and fulfilled as it can be.

The desire and pressure to make the right choices regarding how you wish to raise your kids following divorce, separation and the breakdown of your family unit is of course paramount at this time. Your relationship may have parted, but the roles you and your ex have as parents to the children of the relationship will remain for life. As such, there is all the more reason to want to make a comprehensive and objective consideration of all possible options.

For this reason, I've created this training course, intended to share my knowledge, experience and learning in the course of setting up and living with a coparenting arrangement (also referred to as shared-parenting) which was originally implemented over 10 years ago with my ex-wife and mother of my 2 daughters following the parting of our marriage in 2005.

I am convinced that with proper thought, commitment, flexibility and consideration of a number of critical factors, coparenting can be established in a much greater number of separated families than is currently the norm. It works for me and my kids and I believe it will work for others in a similar situation.

Respecting the constraints and pressure on your time as you navigate divorce or separation, this course leads you through consideration of these critical factors to give you insight based on my experience in having set-up and lived with coparenting for over 10 years. Each lesson also leads you through the considerations that need to be made to assess whether it will work for you and your kids.

The key message behind this course is that whilst relationships and families break up every day, it doesn’t always have to come down to acrimony, custody agreements and disputes over visitation rights when negotiating for the future upbringing of the children of the relationship. There is a way that kids can be raised with the involvement of both Mum and Dad that gives parents and kids alike the best possible family environment that can be established; namely via shared- or coparenting where each parent fulfils 50% of the parenting role for the kids.

The 12 lessons within this course have been created and are presented by me, Toby Hazlewood, founder of Divorced Lifestyle Design, using a mix of lectures and narrated slides. Each lesson is also accompanied by a printable copy of the slides for you to write notes on.

At the end of the course you will be able to understand the core principles of coparenting in detail and will be equipped with the knowledge and insight to determine if it may work for you, your kids and your ex-partner in your family life after divorce or separation.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Articulate why conventional models for parenting after divorce or separation aren't the only options available for raising kids after a relationship parts
  2. Understand and explain the concepts, structures and guiding principles of coparenting and shared-parenting
  3. Understand what needs to be considered in setting up coparenting after divorce or separation, and why such factors are important
  4. Evaluate objectively whether coparenting may work for them in their separated family now or in the future, what benefits it can offer for them and their kids, and why.