Copywriting - grab the reader by the throat

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Course Description

“This is crap.” — Me, 99% of the time while reading sales copy.

It's boring, trite, and fails to drive desire for the product it is trying to sell.

Basically, it's just... there.

This subpar copy is killing conversion rates left and right. That's why I created this copywriting course.

I collected my “best of the best” copywriting tools, templates, & tactics from my trainings, webinars, and live events, to hook you up with a copywriting toolbox that is virtually guaranteed to increase your traffic, leads, & conversions - without breaking the bank.

So, what are the “best chunks?”

  • 30+ fill-in-the-blank templates and real life examples to create high-converting sales copy even if you've never written a word of copy and you hate to type

  • My 7-Step Sales Copy Template to quickly craft eye-catching, engaging, and highly-effective sales letters from scratch.

  • Double your traffic in 90 days without ads - shows you a simple copywriting trick you need to drive traffic, and generate sales from a single piece of copy

  • 15 principles of writing action-boosting bullet points that will make the prospect itchy to take action right away

...And MUCH more.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Effective copywriting
  2. The elements of a sales copy
  3. Craft irresistible headlines
  4. Write action boosting bullets
  5. Write the PAS opening