CORE CHINESE 1: Build Up Chinese Foundations by Practice

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Course Description

That you have foundations in some foreign languages actually means that you should be able to make expressions with basic words and speak them on your own This course has been designed to help you have sufficient practice through an organized and systematic approach so that you can make and speak the most of basic Chinese expressions covered in an English grammar.

Build up Chinese Foundations through the Organized Practices

  • 52 Lectures, 86 Practices plus Phonics
  • Practice Audio files Provided
  • 90% of Talking Head and 10% of Screen Cast Videos
  • Practice with Only a Few Carefully Selected Words
  • No Dialogue Based

Contents and Overview

This course has been designed to simplify your learning process as much as possible. The goal of this course is to make you practice to make and speak Chinese expressions on your own with only a few selected basic words. You'll learn how to make Chinese expressions with some selected words which include 12 verbs, 5 nouns, 6 pronouns, 6 adjectives, 37 adverbs and 6 conjunctions. After each lecture dealing with grammatical stuff, you'll practice every possible variation based on what you learn. By the end of this course, you will be able to make and speak the most of Chinese expressions covered in an English grammar.

What is different from other Chinese courses

- A grammar oriented Chinese class

- You will be able to automatically remember structure, verb and sentence through the organized practice activities

- Simple break down. Easy to find parts that you want to review.

- The combination of Chinese characters and Engish is great

- How the language hang together to express various gradations of meaning

- Optimization of learning with the utilization of a small group of terms. Teaches very simple sentences with all details.

- Helping English-language speakers understand the significant differences contained in the Chinese language

- Balance of theory and practice

Expected Outcomes

  1. Speak Chinese at a basic level
  2. Make your own variations of the Chinese expressions
  3. Understand the significant differences from English contained in the Chinese language
  4. Get used to Chinese structure, verb and sentence automatically