Cosmic Healing ~ Biological Parents

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Course Description

Why is family important? Why is it necessary to have a good relationship with your parents. It is often seen that unresolved issues we have with our parents get embedded in our subconscious, and at a much later time in our lives, they come out in form of some disease and then the psychiatrist gives us the medicines and says that the reson for this is the unresolved issues you have with your mother or father.

Our parents are the source of our DNA, the most fundamental structure within our body. If the energy equation we have with our parents is not smooth, then our fight is not with anyone else but with our own self - our DNA. If we are to grow and prosper in our lives then it becomes very important that we release the emotional toxins from our inner consciousness.

In this course, we will be healing our relationships with our parents by using energy healing meditations. Rather than through counseling, if we are able to change the energy itself which is the underlying cause of the disturbed relations and heal any negative incidents that are stored in our subconscious, we can remove the blockages that are stopping us from being our selves and being happy.

This course will help you change the perception of the situation that is unwanted so you can begin to focus your energies on creating a better life. Once we bring the change in energy within us, that reflection begins to things on the outside as well.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Importance of having good relations with our parents for our own growth and development
  2. Powerful Healing Meditations to change the energy equations we have with our Parents
  3. Use of powerful ancient mantras to heal and dissipate the negativity
  4. Enhancing of intuitive and spiritual energies by awakening the guru element within