The 2021 Ultimate Hands-On Resume and Job Interview Course

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Course Description

Present yourself in the most convincing way possible during the entire job application and interview process! Build an outstanding Resume, Cover Letter, Letters of Recommendation, LinkedIn profile and convince with extraordinarily strong stories in the job interviews. Put simple, become a top 1% candidate, who is much more likely to receive job offers.

In the job application part of the course:

Learn real-life tips and tricks on how to choose your most relevant experiences, evaluate them in an adequate manner and present them in your resume and cover letter in the most outstanding way possible.

Additionally, differentiate yourself from the competition by elaborating a video curriculum and building and optimizing your LinkedIn profile for an omnipresent and coherent presentation in the business world.

Finally, you will learn how to draft a convincing letter of recommendation / final evaluation for your previous work experiences, that facilitates evaluations from ex-employers and ensures high-quality recommendations.

I'll share with you my best practice templates of a resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation so that you can simply exchange the wording with your information and voila, recruiters will love you!

In the interview preparation part of the course:

You will learn with my proprietary Interview Preparation Tool how to identify the recruiter's requirements and build convincing stories to truly show the impact of your experience.

Furthermore, I will share with you several hands-on tips and methods on how to become more confident in the interviews in order to be able to focus on truly convincing the recruiter of your abilities. Try these methods and you'll see an immediate spike in your performance!

And finally, of course, I will share with you what worked best for me and many other top interviewees to ensure a hopefully interesting and good time for you when learning and building your stories alongside my explanations.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to tailor every possible section of your Resume to convince the company of your dreams
  2. How to identify the right key-words to include in your Resume to stand out vs. other candidates
  3. How to identify and decide on your top experiences relevant to the employer
  4. How to use high-impact key-words to convince recruiters that you are a great fit
  5. How to optimize the precision and expressive strength of every little detail in your Resume
  6. How to write an outstanding Cover Letter that recruiters will love
  7. How to draft great work references that underline your value to your dream employer
  8. How to build an efficient All-Star LinkedIn profile to enhance your professional positioning
  9. How to identify what the recruiter will evaluate in your job interviews and how to build convincing stories focused on these aspects
  10. How to build high-impact stories with the STAR method
  11. How to make your stories bullet-proof by preparing the 4 most-important 'Why's'
  12. How to present your Resume experience in an impactful way and respond to tough follow-up questions
  13. How to plan and structure impactful end-of-the-interview questions - leave a lasting impression!
  14. How to easily handle the toughest and most-critical interview questions
  15. How to develop an impactful communication style throughout the interview process
  16. How to stay calm in the interviews and improve your mental game