Create a high quality model on your first day in Blender.

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Course Description

We are going to create a 3D telescope in Blender. Everyone can follow this class since it covers the very basics of blender and everything you need to continue your journey through the videos. You don't have to worry if you've never been in touch with Blender or similar software. Nothing that I do will be left unexplained. Most of the time we will go straight to the point. I feel like shorter/concise courses are preferred to avoid outrageous amounts of information and I want to make it as enjoyable for you as possible since I know for a fact that Blender may be very confusing at first. Hence, I showed all the shortcuts on screen and added zoom-ins to the important menus so you can clearly see all of my actions.

We will learn about:

· Lots of essential tools and tips

· Modeling

· Camera and lighting

· Materials

· Rendering

I've compiled the most important elemets of Blender throughout the course. My intention is that after ending this class, you will be able to create models on your own and feel much more comfortable while using Blender. From that point I strongly recommend to do your own 3D models of anything you like or find references of. Mastering the basics is fundamental and will only cause a positive impact and enhance your modeling experience.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Creation of high quality 3D models
  2. Lots of essential tools and tips
  3. Shortcuts to speed up your modeling process
  4. How to set up the camera and lighting
  5. Materials properties
  6. Rendering your projects