Create Intro Videos with PowerPoint- Vol II (Basic to Inter)

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Course Description

Beyoncé or Michael Jackson or Madonna....

All amazing talents.

But like logos and brands, they are so much cooler when they move...

- David Brier (Branding Expert)

It is so True if you have stagnant Logos and images, it is not going to impress your audience.

if you are reading this then, I am sure, you must be a video content creator or YouTuber or Entrepreneur who wants to create Logo / Name reveal videos.

Your audience will decide to watch your video or not in first 30 to 60 secs? In this few seconds you need to have an eye-catching intro.

It is so expensive to create a few minutes intro video. You have to either outsource it to someone for thousands of dollars or buy expensive software, spend hours to get trained and then spend hours to develop a unique video.

In this course, I will teach you to create dynamic intros for your Logos in PowerPoint. We will work on a project to give you a hands-on experience to create an intro video.

I will walk you through step by step to create an amazing intro videos in Microsoft PowerPoint which you can use as intro for YouTube video, Udemy promo video or for any business purpose. I will use PowerPoint animation and show you some free resources to enhance your video.

Right after this course you will be equipped with all the knowledge to create a simple yet powerful intro video on your own or you can use my template and replace the name with your product name.

Who this course is for:

· YouTubers

· Video Makers

· Business Owners that want to get into Video

Expected Outcomes

  1. Create amazing intro video that will surely stand out from the rest
  2. Save money from buying expensive softwares, yet no compromise on quality