Create Your Own Spiritual Practice

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Course Description

This course has been created for those of you who are not strictly affiliated with any one specific religion or spiritual philosophy. This course is meant to help you create a spiritual practice which aligns with how you feel you can best care for your spirit.

To accomplish this I'll take you through an easy, step-by-step method of creating your own spiritual mission, goals and action plan to provide you with a personalized spiritual practice from which you'll be able to experience tangible results.

The course is approximately 30 minutes in length, however you'll want to take breaks between each lecture to thoroughly complete lecture assignments.

The goal of this course is to show you that nurturing your spirit can be found in a variety of life activities. You don't need to strictly associate with any one religion or spiritual philosophy in order to successfully care for your spirit. All you need to do is take regular time to listen to what your heart desires and commit to a plan to fulfilling those desires to have a fulfilling spiritual practice.

A PDF download of a Spiritual Mission & Goals Template is also included with the course to help you organize your spiritual mission and goals.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Know how to create, organize and maintain a spiritual practice tailored specifically to how you believe you can best care for your spirit.