Creative Non-Fiction Writing - You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

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Course Description

Course Overview:

This is a fun and practical creative writing course designed to get YOU excited about creating your own works of creative nonfiction!

Writing techniques, literary devices, and specialized skills will be covered to help you discover, perfect, and share your own unique writer's voice.

While review quizzes over major concepts are provided along the way, the true measure of progress will be in the authentic writing projects that you will complete as you progress toward your goal of becoming a successful and confident writer!

The Course Includes:

  • 26 video lectures organized into 7 easy to understand lessons/subject areas

    • Each lesson is broken down into multiple video lectures that include:

      • A quick writing assignment aligned with the day's goals

      • A lesson covering an area of course content

      • A practical application project to get you using your new skill

  • 7 online review quizzes presented throughout the course

    • Quizzes are designed to reinforce the major concepts discussed in the class

  • 16 graphics, notes, templates, assignments, or outside resources to further your knowledge base

    • Supplemental materials are provided for every lesson

  • Almost 2 hours of video lessons

Course Goals:

Through taking this course, you will develop and perfect your personal writer's voice as you learn about:

  • What exactly creative non-fiction is and what it isn’t

  • What makes for a good storyteller across any genre

  • How to effectively utilize descriptive language in your writing

  • The "motto" of creative non-fiction

  • How you can write in scenes to improve your creative non-fiction

  • How to effectively use and manipulate a plot diagram for writing creative non-fiction

  • Ways to get the most out of your revision

  • The importance of making personal experiences feel universal

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone with a creative streak and a nagging desire to write

Course content

9 sections • 26 lectures • 1h 47m total length
  • A Quick Word About Your Writer's Journal