Creative Writing - Make your Book Pitch-ready

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Course Description

This course covers the key aspects required to take your book from its final draft to submission to an industry professional as well as an overview of dealing with rejections and acceptances.The eleven lectures consist of audio-accompanied videos, back-up resources (documents, pictures and videos) or quizzes.Starting with the manuscript's content and layout, this course then looks at creating a synopsis, elevator pitch and tagline, creating a cover letter then looks at the submission process, how to handle rejections and what to do when you are accepted.This course is ideal for anyone who has completed - or is nearing completion of - a novel, non-fiction book or collection of short stories or poetry. It provides encouragement for anyone who has been rejected - or fears it - with statistics of authors who have made it despite the odds being against them.

Expected Outcomes

  1. polish the layout of their manuscripts
  2. ensure the manuscripts contain the correct content
  3. create a table of contents for non-fiction books, short story and poetry collections etc.
  4. create a punchy tagline and elevator pitch
  5. create synopses to the length required by the agent or publisher
  6. confidently pitch to an agent face-to-face
  7. handle rejections and acceptances!