Crochet For Beginners

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Course Description

Who would have thought you could create so many beautiful things for you and your home with just one hook and some yarn? Crocheting is a great skill to have. It’s easy to start with our course by your side. You can get stuck in and make something straight away from a crocheted rug for your mug to a snug coat. Simply follow the clear step-by-step illustrations showing different crochet stitches and patterns to inspire you. Start this satisfying and engrossing hobby where you can wrap yourself in beautiful sustainable clothes you’ve produced and decorate your home with incredible cushions, rugs and placemats.

Expected Outcomes

Everything a beginner needs to know how to crochet by following the clear and easy-to-use guide, patterns and tips in this course Different types of crochet hooks, how to hold your hook and how to hold the yarn How to crochet different types of stitches and see the effect each one has How to crochet a scarf, bag, cushion, mug rug, coat, lacy pillow and hats