Crowd Management Certificate

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Course Description

Crowd Management Certificate

Good crowd control is essential in preventing crushing, outbreaks of violence, riots, and other potential incidents that can occur when a large number of people are gathered together in one place. This course will outline key considerations for those involved in controlling crowds or planning large-scale events. It will provide guidance on keeping the public safe and putting together emergency plans.

You Will Learn:

  • The three main phases of an event you need to consider when planning crowd control measures
  • What to do if the number of people attempting to gain admission exceeds the capacity of a venue
  • How to ensure that everyone knows their role in the crowd control team
  • How to put together a plan to cover every eventuality
  • How to liaise with third parties to coordinate crowd control

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • If you are planning a large event, this course will help you uphold your responsibility to ensure public safety
  • If you work in an industry that brings you into contact with crowds, such as catering, this course will provide you with valuable safety information
  • If you work in the security field, this course will give you a brief overview of issues in crowd control
  • If you are responsible for conducting risk assessments at work, this course will help you conduct an assessment if your business is planning a large event