Crystals' Light 1: Crystal Initiation

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Course Description

Spiritual Initiation / Awakening is where the spiritual journey begins. This course is a comprehensive, clear, and in-depth explanation of what your Spiritual Initiation and Awakening involves.

What are the prerequisites? What are the problems? How does the the Base Chakra work? How can you get started?

Crystals Light 1: Crystal Initiation begins at the beginning with the descent into Earthly density, takes you through the decision to use the base chakra to sustain the spirit of the soul, lays out the choices you need to make to get started on your spiritual journey, shows you the means to Spiritual Awakening, explains how the Base Chakra works in-depth, and why Smoky Quartz is the crystal of spiritual initiation.

As are all my courses, Crystals LIght 1: Crystal Initiation is based on the vast, comprehensive, and in depth Body of Knowledge about how crystals and divine light work on Earth and in the heavens.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn, in a comprehensive, clear, and in-depth way, what your Spiritual Initiation and Awakening involves.
  2. You will learn about the choices that are prerequisite to your Spiritual Initiation.
  3. You will learn what makes your choices free, and how your everyday free choices can take you toward or away from your Spiritual Initiation.
  4. You will learn the role of love in setting up the fetal body to work with the soul at birth.
  5. You will learn about the problem of physical density and how the spiritual awakening has been set up to overcome density.
  6. You will learn why the spiritual journey is necessary in the first place and necessary only on Earth.
  7. You will learn about the historical and evolutionary development of the physical body in the quest to bring the soul into physical form, including the creation of the first chakra and the reason why the chakras are dormant at the start.
  8. You will come to appreciate why the Base Chakra is the most complex chakra, including its different roles both before spiritual initiation and after empowerment.
  9. You will learn how the base chakra protects the soul’s seed-light in anticipation of spiritual initiation and awakening.
  10. You will learn how the Base Chakra puts you into the places you need to be to grow spiritually including common examples for clarity.
  11. You will learn discernment and about the myths of the coloured base chakra.
  12. You will learn how Smoky Quartz is designed and created, including the involvement of the Godhead and the influence of the Egyptian pyramids.
  13. You will learn how Smoky Quartz initiates spiritual awakening.
  14. You will learn how to buy quality Smoky Quartz and about the problems of fake Smoky Quartz.
  15. You will learn the difference between Spiritual Awakening and Conscious Awakening.
  16. Certificate of Completion available upon fulfilment of prerequisites.