Crystals' Light 3: Crystal Empowerment

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Course Description

The first step to spirituality is the initiation onto the spiritual path. This course helps you work with the primary crystals needed to achieve the SECOND STEP—EMPOWERMENT with divine light for the chakras and physical and subtle bodies.

As are all my courses, Crystals’ Light 3: Crystal Empowerment is based on the vast, comprehensive, and in-depth Body of Knowledge about how crystals and divine light work on Earth and in the Heavens.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn that crystal empowerment of the body and chakras follows the assimilation of divine light.
  2. You will come to appreciate the specialized nature of the empowerment crystals.
  3. This is a course that focuses on empowerment with crystals, primarily of the chakras. It is not about healing. It does not discuss the empowerment of the most complex chakra, the Base Chakra, because this is thoroughly covered in my Udemy course: “Crystals’ Light 1: Crystal Initiation.” As well, this course does not discuss the crystals of the Crown Chakra, which is also complex and needs to be put into context with the higher dimensions and the gateway chakras of the eleven-chakra system in its own course, which is in the planning stage.
  4. As the concepts in this course come clear, because they are based on how divine light works, which is not common knowledge, and because I take you well beyond cause-and-effect, you will learn to rise to the challenge of maintaining an open mind in your understanding of crystals, divine light, and spiritual growth. All my courses offer a different approach to understanding crystals.
  5. Certificate of Completion available upon fulfilment of prerequisites.