Cupcake Academy: Mini Course in Cupcakes and Muffins

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  • Study type: Online
  • Starts: Anytime
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Course Description

Cupcakes and Muffins

This mini course in Cupcakes and Muffins will provide you with everything you need to know about preparing these items. This course is ideal for students who work in the cooking industry or for individuals who would like to learn some new recipes. This programme will also prepare you for catering large orders of baked goods. As you enter the baking industry, it’s important to set yourself apart amongst the competition by finding a recipe and making it your own. This course will help you do that with its comprehensive overview of the different types of cupcake and muffin recipes, as well as detailed pricing and ingredient instructions. When students take this internet-based training course, they can study the course material whenever it’s convenient. Many people who take this course can work a full-time job while they study, which helps them to easily achieve their learning goals. Your course material is conveniently available for you across any device with an internet connection, and you will receive online support as you train. When you complete the course, you will be required to take an exam, and once completed, you will receive a recognised diploma that you can print out at home. Alternatively, we can post the diploma to you for a small cost.

What you Will Learn

This cupcakes and muffins course will help students advance in both their professional and personal lives. This course will cover:
  • Creating winning recipes
  • Running and marketing a business
  • Finding a recipe and making it your own
  • Vegan cupcake recipes
  • Muffin recipes
  • How to cater for large orders
  • Get a good understanding on marketing strategy
  • How to factor the cost for materials per batch
  • Surcharges for special ingredients


There are numerous benefits in choosing to complete the Cupcake and Muffins course, whether you want a career in the baking industry or you own your own business. Some of the benefits you can expect when taking the Cupcake and Muffins course include:
  • The ability to study from anywhere, whether at home or away.
  • Since there is no time limit for this course, you study at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  • The capability to study from any device including computers, mobile phones or tablets.
  • An easy to understand course structure, which is broken down into short modules.
  • The convenience of support when you require it, all online.
  • A full syllabus, which virtually guarantees that you will get the knowledge you require to advance your career in the baking industry.
  • Improving prospects while you apply for work or volunteer opportunities.
  • An affordable pricing structure.
  • Certificate can be verified online.