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This course gives you the background needed to gain Cybersecurity skills as part of the Cybersecurity Security Analyst Professional Certificate program.

This course requires you to select and research a cybersecurity breach in the news today and apply your knowledge and skills from this course and previous cybersecurity courses to analyze the type of attack, attack timeline, vulnerable systems, and any missed opportunities. This project will be graded by your peers in the course.

This course is intended for anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of Cybersecurity or as the seventh and final course in a series of courses to acquire the skills to work in the Cybersecurity field as a Cybersecurity Analyst.

The completion of this course also makes you eligible to earn the Cybersecurity Capstone: Breach Response Case Studies IBM digital badge. More information about the badge can be found .

In this course, you will learn to:

● Apply incident response methodologies.
● Research and describe a watering hole attack.
● Research and describe ransomware threats and the consequences to organization.
● Research and describe 3rd party breaches and how they affect an organization.
● Research and describe the effects of a phishing attack.
● Research and describe a point of sale attack and approximate cost of data breaches.
● Perform a case study on a current cyber attack and breach.