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You don’t have time to waste.

You need to start test automation and you need to do it quick.

Enter Cypress.

This course is for testers, QAs, automation engineers or frontend developers who need to learn fast. Whether you are starting from scratch or are already familiar with test automation, this course is for you. It’s packed with quick explanatory videos, with no extra fluff, just the practical stuff. Every lesson gets straight to the point. It’s all code examples, problem solutions and how to-s.

Most of the chapters contain challenges, where you can test out knowledge and learn practically. Challenges are staged into different levels and mostly help you experience those amazing „aha“ moments.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How Cypress works
  2. How to set up a CI/CD pipeline
  3. How to interact with application, make assertions test complex workflows
  4. How to take over your application, substitute network requests or trigger dom changes
  5. How to test emails with Cypress
  6. How to write a good test in Cypress