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This course is the second course in the specialization exploring both computational thinking and beginning C programming. Rather than trying to define computational thinking, we’ll just say it’s a problem-solving process that includes lots of different components. Most people have a better understanding of what beginning C programming means!

Prerequisite computational thinking knowledge: Algorithms and procedures, data collection
Prerequisite C knowledge: Data types, variables, constants, and STEM computations

Throughout this course you’ll learn about data analysis and data representation, which are computational thinking techniques that help us understand what sets of data have to tell us. For the programming topics, you’ll continue building on your C knowledge by implementing selection, which lets us decide which code to execute, and iteration (or looping), which lets us repeat chunks of code multiple times.

Module 1: Learn about some common statistics we can calculate as we analyze sets of data
Module 2: Discover how we make decisions in our code
Module 3: Explore the various ways we can represent sets of data
Module 4: Use iteration (looping) to repeat actions in your code