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Glass is an important building element that brings daylight in a space. All-glass buildings are a common scenario in most parts of the world. Extensive use of glass results in excessive light and heat ingress which not desired for a well designed comfortable space. A balance between heat and light gain can be achieved by selecting the right kind of glass.

While all glass might look the same, its specifications have a significant impact on daylighting. When you learn about glass, you have to learn about heat ingress as well in addition to daylight. Awareness of the properties of glass and its technical specifications will help in selecting the right kind of glass for an application.

This course covers technical terms in the most simple, clear and interesting manner. Examples given in the course correlate with the real world. The next time you look at glass clad buildings, you will know what is going on in there..

The course comprises of 6 lectures in video format and a quiz to be taken at the end of the course. There are simple and interesting exercises within the lectures that help you understand the concepts effectively and keep you engaged. At the end of this course, you will be able to select the right glass for a given building. You will be able to read the technical catalog comfortably and can have a scientific conversation about glass selection.

This is the second course in the Daylighting series. Although not required, I recommend that you take the the first course – Daylighting 101 : Technical Terms to gain a holistic understanding of ‘Daylighting’.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Clarity on glazing properties
  2. Understand impact on daylighting
  3. Select the right glazing for design
  4. Apply guidelines in practice