De-Stress Yourself by doing Different Types of Meditation!

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Course Description

Do you suffer with Stress-Anxiety or Depression?

Do you find it hard to just slow down and Relax?

Does your Mind constantly Live in the Past or the Future?

If you have answered yes to any of those questions then this Course is for you!

So Welcome to my course De-stress with meditation.

It is a sad fact that we as Humans sometimes get swept along by the Sea of Life, there is so much we need to do daily in regards to Work, Family, life and just surviving.

Life really does rob us of our own personal time & Development, our Minds seems to live in the Future or in the Past.

The Fast way we Live, along with our own personal upsets from our Past can Bring on Depression, Anxiety, Stress and even Worry.

I have put this Course together to help you Re-Tune your inner Being & Soul through Different Meditation and Thinking Techniques.and to help you manage and control your Stress Levels!

What will this Course do for you?

This Course will help put you back in this moment of Now time instead of your Mind living in the Past or Living in the Future,( This is a Human Weakness we must Break.) We will be looking at and practicing Meditation Techniques in this Course. We will also be looking inside of our self Spiritually to find out if we are on Track, and if we have a Purpose.

This Course is about getting more Positive to deal with our Stress. Sometimes in this Life it is US that can Block our own Pathway to Happiness, maybe we have no Faith in our self? maybe we feel we might Fail at something we really want to do! or maybe when we get Stressed we feel there is no way out.

In this Life there is always a solution to any problem we have. We get help and signs from our Universal Cosmos but can we see or read these signs? You being here right now is a sign that we have crossed paths for a reason! this is where you need to be right now!

  • Within this Course there is Counting the Breath Meditation.
  • Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Re Charging Meditation.
  • Emergency Meditation after a Stressful day at work!
  • Breathing Exercises.
  • Mind Visualisation Techniques.
  • Positive Affirmations.
  • Looking within our self Spiritually.
  • Information on how to Meditate.
  • Affirmation PDFs-to print out.
  • Plus my Free Gift to you (PDF Goal Sheet)
  • Another Free Gift to you ( PDF Happiness weekly Planner)

So join me right now on this Spiritual Journey where i will gently walk you through these Light Meditation Techniques,remember Meditation is not always a Hippy new age thing,it has been scientifically proven that Meditation really helps reduce Depression-Anxiety-Worry and STRESS!


Who this course is for:

  • This Course is for Students that want to learn how to Relieve Anxiety & Stress in their life and to create Inner Calm with Self Meditation

Course content

1 section • 17 lectures • 2h 50m total length
  • About your Instructor-and ways to Meditate!
  • Breathing Exercise (No 1)
  • In this Lecture I will show you 10 things to help you Meditate?
  • Looking at Stress!
  • Why do we get Stressed?
  • Looking within one-self
  • Looking at our Thoughts!
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mind Visualisation
  • Meditation after a Stressful day at Work!
  • How Meditation can change and Affect your DNA
  • Counting Meditation
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Re-Charging Meditation
  • Time to Practice & Question and Answer PDF
  • Conclusion-


Spiritual Master Life Coach - Master K (M.A.) CHT (NLP) MCC
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Hello I am Master K

I am a Spiritual Life Coach-Certified Counsellor-Positive thinking Mentor-Certified Happiness Coach-Certified Life Purpose Coach-Certified Goal Success Coach-and Certified MASTER Life Coach with the Transformation University-Professional Master Healer-Motivational Teacher-Holistic Practitioner-Certified Acupressure Practitioner-Certified Anxiety Management Consultant-Meditation Teacher-and Spiritual Teacher

I have a B.N.M.A.(hons) for my Teaching Martial Arts-I am also a Certified Master Si Gung 7th Degree Self Protection Instructor in Kung Fu-Certified Master Sensei 5th Dan in Freestyle Karate-Certified Sensei 4rth Dan in Kyu Karate-I also have four more high Dan grades in other Disciplines all my Qualifications in Martial Arts come from Grading with some of the Biggest organisations in the World...I have been training in Martial Arts for 40 years in there Hard Systems & also Soft Spiritual Systems like Tai Chi-Ling Kong Jing-Chi Kung-Dim Mak Death Touch-Zen Meditation...I teach Chi Enhancement Techniques...Tai Chi...Chi Kung...Kung Fu...Dim Mak...Pressure point Knockouts...Meditation...Gun Disarming...Knife Defence...Weapons & more I am also an Artist-a Poet-An Author of an e-book called Positive thinking & Conditioning...

My other Qualifications are = M.A. in both Japanese & Chinese Oriental Disciplines / Diploma in Anxiety Management (Dip.Anxiety.Man) /Certified Acupressure Practitioner & Hand Acupoint Massager- Diploma in Acupressure (Dip.Acup) Certified Reiki Master/Teacher level 3 Pass I passed this Reiki Master Degree twice with two different Instructors...Diploma in Clinical Psychotherapy (Dip.Psyc ) / Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy D.C.M.T / Certified Advanced Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP) / Instant Pain Relief Master Hands on Healer / Telepathy Mind Healer / Chi Kung Master Healer / Diploma in Hypnotherapy (DHP) CHT (ACMT)

On my Spiritual Level I also have lots of other Gifts I use to help others-I am a Psychometry reader gathering information by touching objects or Photographs-I am a Sensitive Empath,picking up hidden truths from others that they don't give away-I am a Light worker understanding & linking with people to help them in their life-I am also a Spiritual Life Coach helping others to wake up to fresh new options & strengths from within themselves! I am also Clairsentient / and Claircognizance I use my Gifts to help Awaken others so that they can help themselves I believe this is why I was born - to help others I always have done this- from time to time I run seminars or Classes on Mind Body & Spirit / Positive thinking / Motivation / Relaxation Classes / Meditation Classes / I also teach-Energy Draining to stop a person hitting you...Aura linking to move your Attacker without touching them & more I am a Instant Pain Healer and Aura Unblocker-& have successfully took pain away from loads of People from Cancer Patients to People with Brain Tumours-Accident Victims the elderly,I also run a small support Group for People with OCD a Mental illness I have had a struggle with all my life


I give most of my time up counselling & coaching others for Free - & its nice seeing the other person mend and think more Positive-I am always studying Life itself and just as I think I know a Lot about Life I realise I know Nothing { Life is like a Box you only get out of it what you put into it nothing more nothing less } Life is also about Timing & Reading the signs all around us from the Universal Cosmos that are sent to us to help us along our Journey We also learn so much from each other and only when we look inside of our self can we see out.