Death & Beyond: Unraveled by a Mystic

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Course Description

Man has always wondered about the nature of his existence, where he has come from and where he will go when he dies.

Death is considered a great mystery. Quacks, philosophers, doctors and poets have taken a “stab” at explaining it, but death has remained unknown and unknowable – a seemingly compulsory destination for everyone. Only a mystic, who consciously straddles the line between life and death, can explain what it takes to transcend both, and give us a process as a first step towards this.

Everyone dies. Why then do so many have a fear of death? In this course, Yogi and mystic, Sadhguru, explains why there is no reason to fear this inevitable process.He looks at the mechanics of how the human system is structured, and what happens when the physical body falls dead.

Prominent Indian screenwriter Prasoon Joshi along with Sadhguru in a tour arund the mystical city of 'Kashi' explore the intricate science behind life and death. Sadhguru authoritatively Death and what happens after it. He also reveals the most mystical aspects of the great beyond. Sadhguru authoritatively speaks about Heaven& Hell, Reincarnation & Past Lives.

Learn about the different types of Death, why Death is not a Tragedy, why it should be celebrated and how a constant reminder of your mortality can actually work wonders for your life. He also helps one cope with the loss of a loved one and provides insights into separation and suffering.

Learn what you must do to help a person die gracefully as well as the things you must do afterwards to help the person transition effortlessly.

Also learn about various rituals for the deceased, done within a particular time span after death which bring about a certain ease and pleasant transition for both natural and unnatural deaths.

He also traverses the terrain of the Supernatural authoritatively....

"Everybody who dies is a ghost, if you want to call them that. It is just that if someone dies out of old age, the life energy or pranic (energy) body has lost its vibrance so you can’t feel them much. But when everything was going well, then for some reason the body is suddenly broken, either by crashing, or somebody shot you dead or something, now the pranic body is still in full vibrance. When it breaks this way, people may feel this much more than a person who left the body after dissipating his term of life." - Sadhguru

Moreover you learn to come to terms with and live each day aware of the only guarantee in life – death.

He says, “Of all the people who go to bed tonight, over a million people will never get up tomorrow morning. And if you are able to wake up tomorrow morning, isn’t it a fantastic thing?”

All this and more...

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn all about the Mechanics of Life & Death
  2. Know whats on the other side of the wall
  3. Know the truth about Reincarnation and Past Lives
  4. How you can help the deceased person transition gracefully
  5. Learn Abouts ghosts and disembodied beings
  6. Stigmatised concepts of abortion explained with absolute sense of clarity
  7. Know what should be done after someone's death to help both them and you
  8. Know about Near Death Experiences, Nirvana and enligtenment