DECODE WILLPOWER: How to develop a stronger willpower!

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Course Description

I have designed this short one hour course for you, who is committed for his or her best - but sometimes fail to live up to your own expectations.

This course is for you If you are someone who promises to go for exercise but do not go for exercise, if you are someone who promises not to have sweets but end up having them, if you are someone who promises to maintain a diet but end up binging on food, if you are someone who promises not to work from home after you have come from office in the evening but find it difficult to switch off from office. If you identify yourself with any of the above scenarios then I promise this course will help you deal with willpower failure.

As a life coach, my job is to help you manage and design your lives. So many of you struggle to change your thoughts, emotions and habits and keep going through the cycle of willpower failures.

So In this course, HOW DO I PLAN to make you exercise your willpower?

  • We first take a deep dive into the world of our minds to recognize our mind patterns.
  • Then we also discuss the ‘willpower enemies’ that directly impact our positive actions and you will learn how to tackle the ‘willpower enemies’.
  • We further discuss traps of that aspect of mind that causes willpower failures. After learning this, you will be alert and careful of the traps of the mind when exercising your willpower.
  • You will also learn the self-mastery techniques wherein you use the power of internal surfing to become more aware of yourself, which helps building a stronger willpower.

I promise you that this course is going to work for you are committed to your willpower and learn to apply the few things that are taught in the course. Building willpower is a skill and one needs to be practice it to build it.

I wish you the very best and hope you get the most from this course.

Happy learning !

Expected Outcomes

  1. Recognize mind patterns to build stronger willpower
  2. Develop stronger willpower to take actions towards goal
  3. Self-mastery techniques by becoming more aware of how willpower functions
  4. Prioritization and managing tasks by learning how willpower is a limited resource