Deep Dive Into The Breath: Seven Day Breath Challenge

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Course Description

When we think about our health, we put most of our attention and focus on our physical well-being. We are normally up for a challenge whether it's cutting back foods that are no longer serving us or getting into shape. However, we never seem to consider the mental aspect of our health to work within ourselves to better understand our mind, thoughts, feelings and most of all, our breath as we tell ourselves 'we can't do it', that 'we don't have the time' or 'it won't make any difference'.

So, take the challenge now and be more in control of your life so you can live with more flow and ease. Learn the tools to better manage stress and anxiety while learning to create more energy and calmness. Realise your true potential and use the power each one of us has which is our breath. You will gain the knowledge and fundamentals for better health, well-being and optimal living that works best for you by better utilising and activating the simplest one of the most important parts of your life.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to utilise your breath to help you live with more ease and peace
  2. How to eliminate stress, anxiety and negativity from the fundamental basics of your breath
  3. How to use your breath to gain more power and energy
  4. The importance of rhythmic breathing and breath retentions and how to do them
  5. Break old habits and to become more present and proactive in your daily life
  6. Better understanding what stress is, the different types of stress and how we can deal with it effectively