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I am so excited to present you with this course. I have carefully prepared this course to ensure you have the best value out of your money and time. This course is all about deploying a Performant, Scalable and Highly Available web application on AWS with Terraform. So why should you take this course? Cloud is the future of technology and you need to be prepared for the exciting times ahead. The cloud industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it is expected to grow significantly for many years to come. This growth in the industry will need skilled engineers to sustain it. So I would say, this is just the right time to up your game and enroll in this course if you are an aspiring Dev-Ops Engineer and would like to take the next step to advance your career. This course will help you build those real-world skills which will be expected from you if you are hired by an enterprise to deploy web applications on AWS Cloud and build infrastructure as a code. So let’s begin this exciting journey together.

About the instructor:

You might wonder, what makes me eligible to teach this course? It is a very genuine question so let’s tackle that first. My name is Bhushan Bhatt and I live in London. I have experience in E-Commerce and Digital Technologies for over 10 years. I have also worked with many large enterprises in the UK during my career so far. I also hold a bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and MSc in Digital Communications Networks. I have also achieved many professional certifications in the last 10 years including AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional level.

Hands-on Course:

This is a hands-on course to give you a better understanding of the topics we are going to discuss. I have also included various theory lessons with easy to understand diagrams wherever necessary. I have created this course around a fictional case study company which has hired you as a dev-ops engineer to build a solution for them. Throughout this course, we are going to make use of various components of AWS including EC2, RDS, ALB, EFS, VPC, Elasticache, Cloudfront, S3, Cloudwatch, ACM, Route53 and CodeCommit. We will build our complete infrastructure as a code with Terraform.

Course Resources:

Since this is a hands-on course, I will provide you with all the course files and resources if you would like to implement the project yourself.

Course Outline :

Section 1: In the first section, we will do a course introduction and familiarize ourself with our fictional case study company and the business case.

Section 2: In this section, we will first go over the Solution we are going to build for our case study company and complete the necessary initial set-up

Section 3: In the third section we are going to create overall infrastructure as a code and build Networking Layer, Web Layer, Storage Layer and CDN.

Section 4: In this last section, we will finally deploy and launch our website and conclude the course.

I sincerely believe that this course will help you to enhance your existing skillset and take your career to the next level. I hope to see you inside the course.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn how to deploy a production-scale website on AWS Cloud with Terraform in the real world