Design Beginners Bootcamp – Learn Graphic Design Skills Fast

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Course Description

In the 21st century, pretty much everyone is a designer. Whether you want to be or not. If you work in marketing or comms you’ll be expected to just be able to design things. Or if you’re a solopreneur or have your own side business, you’ll want to create things that look as good as your competitors.

But as much as you might have good taste, and as good as you are with computers, or ideas, none of those things add up to having design skills.

So how do you learn them? And while you’re at it, how do you learn InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop – the programs design professionals use? Our Design Beginners Bootcamp will teach you those foundational skills, and supercharge your creative confidence.

Design Beginners Bootcamp is an intensive design workout. Starting from scratch you'll study a total of 12 mini courses, each one building on what you've learned previously to build your skills and confidence fast. But it's not just a graphic design course for beginners.

You’ll learn a mixture of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign skills alongside graphic design theory. It’s very practical, teaching you how to create very specific things like infographics, branding and social media imagery, all the while attempting to explain why particular design choices were made.

This is the course I would have loved to have studied when I was a beginner at graphic design and all the Adobe programs. I hope you find it super useful, and you end up brimming with design confidence.

Here's a list of the courses in order:

1 – Create Icons and Logos with Illustrator

2 – Ten steps to better graphic design

3 – Working from InDesign packages & templates

4 – Improving Images with Photoshop

5 – Create Website & Social Media Images with Illustrator

6 – Typography Course

7 – Create Posters, Flyers, Adverts & Postcards

8 – Create Social Media images with Photoshop

9 – Creating Basic Infographics with Illustrator

10 – Create a logo for your brand

11 – Getting Your Work Commercially Printed from InDesign

12 – How to cut people out with Photoshop

"I am so glad I joined this bootcamp when I did. My job at a non-profit requires me to regularly create posters, social media posts, and brochures, but as a new Creative Cloud user, these projects were taking me longer than necessary. Peter’s class was a helpful foundational course that showed me just how much is possible with InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. By implementing his tricks and tools, I’m on my way to becoming a better, faster, and more creative designer."

— Heather Pentecost, Events & Development Associate, Linc Housing

“Very very good. Great pace and easy to follow.”
— Lucy Joy, Artist

"I really enjoyed taking this class. I have learned so much from each module. It’s easy to follow and this is something that I will be going back to for future references. I’m hoping to take more classes in the future".

— Gladdie Cabral, Social Media Assistant

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn how to create icons, logos & infographics with Illustrator
  2. Learn how to create flyers, posters, postcards and more with InDesign
  3. Learn Graphic Design theory so you can design with confidence
  4. Learn to create stunning images for social media with InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop
  5. Learn how to work with files that a designer will give you
  6. Learn how to choose and use fonts more professionally
  7. Learn how to cut objects and people out from their backgrounds with Photoshop
  8. Learn how professionals improve photos with Photoshop
  9. Learn how to get your design work commercially printed from InDesign
  10. Learn Adobe InDesign for complete beginners
  11. Learn Adobe Illustrator for complete beginners
  12. Learn Adobe Photoshop for complete beginners
  13. The main thing you'll get from this course is confidence – that comes from experience