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Don’t just build a course, build a successful course that helps you achieve your goals! Whether you’re looking to create and sell courses to generate income, you’re a business owner looking to create custom employee training, or even if you’re just looking to learn new things or create a course just for fun…. this course is for you!

In this course, you’ll learn how to create a course from start to finish; from choosing your topic to planning your course and creating the content, to developing course elements like video, audio, and course aides, to implementing, launching, and marketing your course, and finally evaluating the effectiveness and overall success of YOUR course.


Students enrolled in this course get access to the:

  1. Comprehensive Course Planning Template (.DOC and .PDF), that will walk you through the different elements of course creation to help you develop a successful course

  2. Content Creation Template (.PPT) to simplify your content development process

  3. Course Marketing Strategy Template (.DOC and .PDF) that will help you outline your target audience and define promotion methods to get eyes on your course

  4. Action Planning Template (.DOC and .PDF) to deep dive into the details of each marketing initiative you’re using to promote your course

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn how to create a course
  2. Learn different ways a course can be structured and presented
  3. Learn how to plan a successful course
  4. Learn how to navigate the course development process
  5. Learn different ways to implement or launch a course
  6. Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of a course