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Identify how cybersecurity threats are changing diplomatic practise

From fake news to hacking and AI, governments worldwide are facing technological advances that are threatening to topple established geopolitical hierarchies – and change the world order.

These technological advances are both a challenge to the work of diplomats, as well as an opportunity to change how the diplomatic profession works for the better – making it more savvy, safe, and switched-on.

Enhance your diplomatic career

On this course, you’ll learn from top international diplomatic experts at the Global Diplomatic Forum how to navigate the issues that cyberspace and the digital revolution throw up for diplomats.

You’ll explore how AI can be used to aid diplomacy, how to excel at digital communication, and how to develop an effective digital diplomatic strategy that will let your organisation make the most of emerging virtual spaces.

Learn transferrable cybersecurity skills

Examining the current cybersecurity landscape, you’ll gain valuable knowledge that you can utilise in your organisation, understanding how diplomacy needs to respond to the latest cybersecurity threats.

In just four weeks you’ll come away with practical training that will leave you with a competitive edge.

You’ll be ready to further your career in a 21st-century diplomatic environment, armed with cutting-edge training in digital best-practice and cybersecurity.

What topics will you cover?

  • Digital and cyber diplomacy

  • Artificial intelligence and diplomacy

  • Cybersecurity

  • The shifting world order in digital age

When would you like to start?

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Who is the course for?

This course would benefit diplomats of all levels, from junior to ambassadorial. It would also appeal to diplomacy students and trainee diplomats aiming to pursue a career in diplomacy.

Who developed the course?

Global Diplomatic Forum

The Global Diplomatic Forum is a knowledge hub for diplomats. It provides an inclusive platform for the exchange of expertise in the realm of international affairs.