Discover the I Ching #1: Inner Guidance for Any Question

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Course Description

  • "Very insightful. Lovely introduction to an ancient text and wisdom. Interesting!" (Nancy Arvizu)

  • "I had heard of the I Ching but never in detail. This is a fantastic beginners course in learning what this is, how it can apply to your life, and provides almost immediate results." (Laura Horn)

  • "I adored the interpretation and the lightsome yet meaningful approach. It was a pleasure to watch it. (Andrea Kemenes)

Heard of the I Ching? Already like Tarot? Have important decisions to make? We all face personal choices and relationship challenges. Don't run your life with guesswork. The I Ching has been providing guidance, continuously, for over 3,000 years because it really works.

This book literally saved Dr. Ron Masa's life. And it can improve (or possibly even save) your life too! It predicted events that allowed him to avoid a certain-death collision. He tells you just how it happened--with cool illustrations--in Lecture 3.

Debbie Hart, Dr. Ron's life-partner, an artist, and a fellow instructor, co-teaches this unique Introduction to the I Ching. With a yin and yang theory of complementary opposites, it's nice to have both a male (yang) and a female (yin) teacher.

With this simple and direct introduction, it's easy to learn and easy to tell when it begins to click for you and make sense! Test for yourself this powerful Oracle that Carl Jung trusted and relied upon for decades. It gives a voice to your unconscious wisdom. You don't have to learn everything the hard way.

The I Ching (or Yi Jing) magnifies intuition. It's like a megaphone for the "still, small voice within." You can ask any question of this ancient book that was shaped over millennia by the best minds of China.

Dr. Ron used the I Ching extensively as a Jungian psychotherapist. Together, he and Debbie cast a reading at the beginning of every day. This class will empower you to test this "mirror for intuition" in your own life. Ask any questions on your mind. Experience it for yourself, and feel how it works.

Get wise (and very low-cost) help with:

  • personal worries or problems

  • life decisions and choices

  • personal growth and self-awareness

  • relationship issues

  • any question you have

This method helps you hear inner guidance. You can get some of the benefits of a therapy session with the famous Dr Jung, or of an I Ching Reading with Dr. Ron and Debbie. Take advantage of their combined 50 years of experience with this classic book.They are available to help you get started.

Millions have relied upon I Ching wisdom. Try it out with questions of your own! Make up your own mind based on first-hand experience.

Don't guess and gamble with your future and your happiness. The I Ching works much like the Tarot and Runes, and this synchronicity-based method spells out its feedback without you having to memorize symbols or their meanings. Once you get started, it is a manual for anyone to follow, without a middleman. This allows you to discuss very personal issues in a very private manner.

Take this first step toward developing your intuition but allow time and a few more classes before you expect to get the hang fully. Don't give up too soon, this changes and sometimes saves, lives.

Test this megaphone for inner truth. It really works. This class is a simple, direct and pragmatic path to enriching your life with the "Book of Changes."

Enroll now and benefit from Udemy's 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. With nothing to lose, Take this exciting life step now!

One last review:

  • "Very informative - I learned a whole new skill set today! Presented in a clear, understandable and upbeat way! Very professional!" (Patricia Dunn)

Not quite sure? Watch some of the Preview lessons.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Ask the I Ching any important life question
  2. Locate and apply universal wisdom to your questions
  3. Communicate with your own unconscious interior (or soul?) directly