Discover the I Ching 2: Inner Guidance for Any Question

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Course Description

About our first I Ching class:

  • The best course I have seen here in terms of production, scripting and content for its students. (Timothy)

    Praise for this class:

  • "An excellent course that provides a deeper understanding of the I Ching and how it can be used in everyday life." (Hee Min P.)

  • "Debbie and Ron are excellent communicators. Well done, both of you! A LOT of time, effort and energy has gone into this Part 2 course. It covers a range of interesting and relevant modules, as always, very well explained & illustrated." (Max P)

Are you beginning to understand how to actually use the I Ching to improve your life? Ready to learn more about the whole process? Ready for more practical examples of how to apply your I Ching reading?

You don't have to guess at important life choices. The I Ching has been a trusted mirror of inner wisdom for over 3,000 years because it really works.

  • Which job should you take?

  • Which school is really the best for you, personally?

  • When is the best date to leave for that trip? (And many more tough choices)

Here is Part 2 of Discover the I Ching. Dr. Ron and Debbie present the second part of their lovingly-made, practical introduction to an ancient classic. We recommend you watch Part 1 first.

This class continues all the themes from Discover the I Ching, Part 1 at their next level and adds some intermediate level issues:

  • Yin and yang core concepts illustrated

  • Yin-yang dynamics underlying change

  • Anatomy of a hexagram (much requested)

  • Meaning of line positions and hexagram structure

  • Randomizing methods from yarrow stalks to fancy dice

  • Differing probabilities of the randomizing methods

  • More recommended versions of the I Ching

  • New kinds of questions you can ask (whole groups?)

  • Carl Jung's psychiatric examination of a "Mr. I. Ching"

  • Jung's concept of "synchronicity"

  • Resistance to change

  • A brief history of the I Ching (mythic and actual)

  • What about predicting the future?

  • Further help interpreting your I Ching answers

  • What to do about multiple moving lines (most requested)

  • What about conflicting lines in the same answer? (most requested)

This book literally saved the life of Dr. Ron Masa (retired, Jungian psychotherapist). (See Part 1 of this class for Ron's illustrated story.) And it can enrich your life.

This class further prepares you to appreciate and use this remarkable tool. Carl Jung introduced the I Ching as a method to discover unconscious wisdom. (Why learn everything the hard way?)

Often, our best guide in life is our own intuitive wisdom or guidance from within, which the I Ching mirrors. When you recognize and unconscious truth from within, the I Ching answers click and suddenly make sense!

The I Ching (or Yijing) magnifies intuition. It's a megaphone for the "still, small voice within." You can get help with any question from this ancient book that has been shaped over millennia by the best minds of China.

Dr. Ron used the I Ching extensively as a Jungian psychotherapist. Together, he and Debbie do professional readings and they consult the I Ching at the beginning of every day and as their primary guide for growth and real-world decisions.

Debbie Hart (Ron's life partner) an artist and instructor, co-teaches this unique Introduction to the I Ching. With a yin and yang theory of complementary opposites, it's nice to have both a male (yang) and a female (yin) teacher.

Experience it yourself, and feel how it works. When you get an "Aha" of recognition or a chill of truth up your spine, you'll know.
Receive wise help with any life questions. Get some benefits of a therapy session with the famous Dr Jung, or of an I Ching Reading with Dr. Ron and Debbie.

Take advantage of their combined 50 years of experience with this classic book. They will answer your questions and help you get started with personalized guidance if you wish.

This carefully-scripted class includes gorgeous visual illustrations and animations, as usual.

Millions have relied upon I Ching wisdom. You can use it to find and follow your own inner guidance. Every individual question receives a unique response.

Like the tarot and runes, this is a synchronicity-based oracle. The I Ching spells out its feedback. You don't need to memorize symbols or their meanings. Once you get started, the I Ching empowers you to commune directly (and privately) with the source of intuitive wisdom, with no middleman!

Try out this megaphone for inner truth and you be the judge. This is a simple but profound path to enriching your life with the "Book of Changes." Even some experienced users have appreciated this introductory overview and approach

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A final review from our first class in this series:

  • "I highly recommend this I Ching course to anyone seeking greater self awareness. I have taken many courses across my life but none that ever treated this subject with such profound understanding, reverence, wisdom, and experience. Dr Ron and Debbie congratulations! You did the I Ching proud!" (Phyllis Olivas)

Not sure yet? Watch some Preview lessons.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Ask the I Ching any important life question
  2. Communicate with your own unconscious wisdom more directly