Djembe for beginners - From the basics to a full rhythm

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Course Description

This course is an accessible intro to the wonderful world of African drumming.
Focusing on the Djembe, we will start at the very beginning with the absolute basics of how to hit the drum to get the best sound, before moving on to learning a full African rhythm with easy steps that you can play along with as if you were in a one on one lesson.
This great format will enable you to go at your own pace, and you will be amazed how quickly you will be up and playing an exciting traditional polyrhythm.
We also provide notation to help you remember and recall, and understand the rhythms, as well as backing tracks for you to practice along too, for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.
Once you are familiar with the rhythms and you want to extend yourself, we also have a solo section where you will learn three solo phrases that you can play along with this rhythm, or over any rhythm you like.
All packed into an easy to follow and extremely accessible video lesson format.
You will be glad you decided to learn with us.

Expected Outcomes

  1. The basics of how to play the djembe, through to a full polyrhythmic African rhythm
  2. The African rhythm "Fankani"
  3. History and cultural context of Djembe and the rhythm we are learning
  4. Some basic solo ideas