Do you want to raise happy children? Parent the Danish way

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Course Description

In this course you will learn to become more authentic and empathic and focus on the vital relationship between you and your child. You will learn to HYGGE and redefine negative and inhibitory beliefs. You will acquire understanding of how to set boundaries without using ultimatums.

I will be teaching “The Danish Way” method, which has been time tested for generations and used in institutions for decades. I will equip you with PRACTICAL ideas and hands-on-tools to develop your skills as a parent. This method will yield predictable results within a short time if you actively practice what you are learning.

Not only will I cover the six areas that Danes engage in instinctively. I will also discuss what I find essential to raising confident, balanced, and resilient children. I have created downloads for you to keep your studies handy and relevant during the process. I will walk you through the entire course, step by step.

There are no prerequisites necessary to enroll, I only ask that you come with an open mind and ready to learn. You can even speed up the lectures to fit your temper.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Become aware of HYGGE’S social value and what brings you together as a family. In this way you can learn to prioritize time with your children.
  2. Learn to transform negative thoughts and habits into more positive ones. You will receive various practical approaches to use for yourself and your child.
  3. Learn how to be brave and authentic and how to teach your children authenticity too. Authenticity is the key to a happy life.
  4. Understand why play is necessary in your child's life. If your child doesn’t have the opportunity to digest and assimilate everyday impressions and experiences through free play then learning will be of little value.
  5. Understand why empathy is vital to building strong bonds. There is a powerful yet gentle way to deal with conflicts. Take control and maintain your authority as a parent while still showing respect.
  6. How to deal with toddlers, while being equipped with some compelling sentences that you can practice to be better at handling what triggers you.