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Some past student comments:

“Great Class, systematic, and very organized Thanks , it’s a great reviewing for my managerial accounting 15 years ago.” Tung KU

“Awesome 🙂 n very beneficial Thank u Dr :)”Rabia Taher
“Very Good course with the explanations, Illustrations and quizzes. It makes you well prepared to actually give the exam for a good grade” Muhammed Hassen

“Great course, I’m learning a lot about managerial accounting!” Mark Furman

This course covers all the major managerial accounting concepts  that are a part of every Managerial ( Management) Accounting course in every Master of Business Administration university program.

Master Each Management Accounting Tool and Technique.

  • Understand what managerial accounting is about and how differs from financial accounting

  • Know what the different roles that managers perform.

  • Know the three different manufacturing costs

  • Know the difference between product costs and period costs.

  • Develop a cost volume profit income statement

  • Understand how costs change when sales changes

  • Calculate break-even and target profit levels

  • Develop a CVP analysis for a multi-product company

  • Understand operating leverage, how to calculate it and what it means to senior management

  • Know how a job costing system works.

  • Complete a Job Costing accounting system using excel spreadsheets.

  • Design an activity-based costing system using excel spreadsheets.

  • Develop an activity-based accounting model

  • Understand activity-based management

    Prepare a Master Budget using excel spreadsheets to plan business operations.

  • Know how to use the Flexible Budget to control operations.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn all the Control Systems covered in an MBA course
  2. You will learn all the Planning system covered in an MBA course
  3. You will Understand Job Costing Systems and the Activity Based Costing System
  4. You will Know how to perform Cost-Volume-Profit analysis for profit planning, pricing decisions, and sensitivity analysis
  5. You will be able to perform Incremental analysis on making decisions
  6. You will Learn how to develop the Master Budget using excel
  7. You will Learn how to prepare a Cash Budget
  8. You will Understand Budget control using the flexible budgets
  9. You will Know how Standard Costs help management plan and control operations
  10. You will Understand Responsibility Accounting